I'm so glad you're visiting my site! So what can I tell you about myself? Well I'm from a tiny town in eastern Mississippi. I grew up with two brothers and an awesome family. I LIVE to travel with my husband and friends. It's probably my favorite thing to do, other than eating of course :)
I wish I had an inspiring story about how I've always known I wanted to be a photographer, but my story is much less exciting. I have although always known I wanted to be my own boss, and build a business I'm passionate about.
I started with food photography for a restaurant. From there, I began receiving requests for portraits, boudoir, then weddings, and so forth. I immediately fell in love with the magic that can be created with a camera. Since my first couples session, Ive known that evoking and capturing emotion is what I want to do.

hey there! Marlana here.


I think it's important to be sure we'll make a good match. Not everyone will like my process and style of photography, so I want to explain a little about what I do. Being in front of a camera can feel strange to most people, including myself, but during my sessions I try to help you feel comfortable as if the camera weren't there.
I use prompts and movements to evoke emotion and create natural reactions. From there I direct you as I move around just snapping away. I am constantly talking and making a fool of myself, that is my natural state :) For an example of a prompt I would say "with your arms wrapped around each other, skip towards me" or "tickle your partner" These little directions are simple but fun.  And guarantee to lighten the mood and create natural smiles from everybody. If interested please message me with your details and we can start preparing for your special season.

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